Construction worker convicted of rape after luring 18-year-old girl under false pretences of playing with cat

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22nd February 2024 – (Hong Kong) Chan Chun-kwan, a 33-year-old construction worker, has been found guilty of committing a despicable act of rape against an 18-year-old girl. The disturbing incident unfolded when Chan used the guise of playing with cat to entice the young girl, whom he had initially met through a Telegram group, to visit his residence. However, what was meant to be an innocent interaction quickly turned into a horrifying ordeal when Chan sexually assaulted the victim without employing any form of protection. Adding to the gravity of the situation, he later sent a remorseful message stating, “I’m interested in you. Today, I couldn’t control myself, and I’m truly sorry.” Despite Chan’s claims of consensual involvement, the evidence presented during the trial overwhelmingly supported the victim’s account, leading to a pivotal conviction.

The trial took place at the High Court today, where Chan Chun-kwan vehemently denied the charges of rape brought against him. Over the course of the proceedings, the testimonies shed light on the sequence of events that transpired prior to the assault. It was revealed that the victim, referred to as X to protect her identity, had enrolled in a course at the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE) in 2021. Subsequently, she joined a Telegram group associated with her studies, where she encountered Chan. What began as innocuous conversations soon took a sinister turn.

According to X’s testimony, Chan initiated private conversations with her in January of the following year. Their exchanges ultimately led to Chan inviting X to his residence, using the pretext of interacting with his pet cats, an invitation she reluctantly accepted. It was during this visit that the defendant allegedly committed the act of rape.

On the day in question, X visited Chan’s home once again. Chan took her to his room, where they engaged in conversation. Claiming to feel cold, Chan embraced X. Subsequently, he kissed her face, proceeded to grope her breasts by removing her shirt, and undressed both of them. Ignoring X’s pleas and objections, Chan forcibly raped her without using any form of protection, ultimately ejaculating inside her. X emphasised that she had indeed attempted to resist Chan’s advances and had vocalised her objections by saying “no,” but her pleas fell on deaf ears.

Following the assault, X attempted to leave the premises but was unsuccessful. Chan then attempted to placate her by offering her money. He placed 500 Hong Kong dollars in her jacket pocket, which she vehemently refused, throwing the banknotes onto the floor. Chan picked up the money and placed it back into her jacket pocket. Following her departure from his residence, X immediately sought assistance and reported the incident to the authorities.

During the trial, the defence sought to cast doubt on the victim’s testimony by suggesting that X had solicited money from Chan after engaging in consensual sexual activities. They alleged that during her initial visit, Chan had given her 1,000 Hong Kong dollars before her departure. Furthermore, they claimed that during a subsequent visit, X willingly engaged in sexual acts with Chan, including kissing him and manually stimulating him. According to their narrative, X then requested additional money from Chan after intercourse, which he obliged by giving her 500 Hong Kong dollars.

However, it is important to note that X vehemently contradicted these claims during cross-examination, maintaining that the defence’s version of events was entirely false.

In a chilling revelation, the prosecution presented text messages sent by Chan through Telegram after the incident. These messages included phrases such as “Do you have any feelings for me? Tonight, I’m sorry, I’m interested in you. Today, I couldn’t control myself, and I’m truly sorry,” “You’re not replying to me; I’m really worried about you, you silly pig,” and “I’m sorry… Give me a chance to take care of you, can you?”

Following the report of the incident, Chan was apprehended and subsequently cautioned by the authorities. While Chan admitted to engaging in sexual activities with another woman at the same location, he maintained that it was entirely consensual.

The trial concluded with the jury retiring for deliberation. After careful consideration, the seven-member jury returned a majority verdict of guilty on the charge of rape, with six members finding Chan Chun-kwan guilty and one member dissenting. The case has been adjourned until 28th March for sentencing, allowing time for background reports on the defendant, psychological evaluations, and a trauma assessment of the victim.