Concrete mixer drive involved in fatal hit-and run accident in Tsing Yi arrested in Chai Wan


2nd February 2023 – (Hong Kong) At about 6.36pm yesterday, a concrete mixer was driving along Chung Mei Road in Tsing Yi before accidentally knocked down an 80-year-old passer-by. He fell unconscious on the ground but the concrete mixer failed to stop.  He was subsequently certified dead after being sent to the hospital.

After investigation by the police, the concrete mixer driver was finally found in a parking lot in Tsing Yi. In the early hours of today (2nd), a male driver (63 years old) was found on the streets of Chai Wan District. He was suspected of “dangerous driving causing the death of others”, “running away after a traffic accident” and “failing to report a traffic accident”. The driver was arrested and are currently being detained for investigation.

 Investigation by the Special Investigation Team of Traffic, New Territories South is underway.

Anyone who witnessed the accident or has any information to offer is urged to contact the investigating officers on 3661 1344 or 3661 1346.

The deceased was found by other motorist lying unconscious on the road.