Concert of Taiwanese singer Hebe Tien in Kaohsiung Arena suspended for 15 minutes due to earthquake


    17th September 2022 – (Taipei) Taiwanese singer Hebe Tien lost her voice due to the epidemic and a cold. She needed to postpone her concert tour at Kaohsiung Arena for a second time.

    While she was holding the second concert performance tonight, the local earthquake caused the concert to be suspended immediately while she was changing. Immediately after the incident, the performance was suspended for three minutes and the lights of the venue were turned on. In the end, the concert resumed after suspension of 15 minutes.

    Hebe’s music videos have accumulated more than 658 million views on YouTube, and she is the Chinese-language female singer with the most views on the platform. Her music video “A Little Happiness” became the first Chinese-language music video to exceed 100 million views on YouTube. She was the second female singer in Asia to reach 100 million views on YouTube