Community Care Teams officially launched in Hong Kong’s Southern District

Eric Chan Kwok-ki

30th April 2023 – (Hong Kong) The Community Services and Community Care Teams (Care Teams) in Hong Kong’s Southern District were officially launched on 30th April, with the Chief Secretary for Administration, Mr Eric Chan Kwok-ki, and the Secretary for Home and Youth Affairs, Miss Alice Mak, officiating at the pledging ceremony. Led by the District Officer (Southern), Mr Francis Cheng, and the respective captains, the Care Teams of the 17 sub-districts in the Southern District will provide a wide range of supporting services to residents.

Speaking at the pledging ceremony, Mr Chan emphasized that the Care Teams have brought together various sectors, including young people, women, and professionals, as well as district organizations and groups, to strengthen community support, build relationships with residents, and act as a bridge between the government and citizens. The Care Teams will express their care for those in need and offer assistance to them, as well as disseminate important messages to residents to address pressing needs. Mr Chan hopes that the community will continue to work together for the betterment of people’s lives.

Miss Mak added that the Care Teams in the Southern District leverage the connections between the government, the business sector, and the community, as well as the power of love for both the motherland and Hong Kong. They work together to help residents solve problems and provide a wide variety of supporting services. The Home and Youth Affairs Bureau team will continue to serve the community to address residents’ concerns, ensuring that the government’s work fulfills people’s wishes.

After the pledging ceremony, the Care Teams of the 17 sub-districts set up street booths in respective sub-districts to provide service information to residents. Upholding the spirit of serving the community with heart, the Care Teams in the Southern District will strive to provide caring services and organize various activities for residents and people in need in the district.

Before the ceremony, Mr Chan and Miss Mak visited two elderly households living in Shek Pai Wan Estate in Aberdeen. They distributed health and anti-deception messages to the elderly, and an accompanying volunteer from the Care Team also provided a simple health check for the elderly. The visit fully displayed the spirit of care and support.