Collapse of brick wall in Cheung Sha Wan raises concerns over construction safety


15th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) A section of a brick wall measuring approximately 2 meters by 3 meters collapsed in the back alley of a tenement building located at 316-318 Shun Ning Road in Cheung Sha Wan. Fortunately, no injuries were reported, but the incident has raised concerns about the integrity of the underground pipelines, which has led to disruptions in the supply of both drinking water and saltwater within the building. The collapse occurred as construction work was ongoing at a nearby construction site.

Local residents have expressed their grievances, stating that they had previously notified the construction site about a sinkhole in the area but received no effective response. It was only yesterday (14th) that work at the construction site finally came to a halt, yet the brick wall collapse occurred in the early hours of this morning.

Lo, one of the residents, recalled that on Sunday (12th), they discovered a sinkhole of approximately 2 feet by 4 feet across the street. Police officers had visited the premises in response to calls for assistance, but at that time, the wall in question appeared intact. Lo further mentioned that cracks had already appeared in the kitchen tiles due to the pile-driving work conducted by the construction site over the past few years, prompting her to file complaints. The construction site’s operations were only suspended yesterday (14th), and representatives from the Buildings Department also visited the scene to inform the residents.