Coinbase to add Shadow Token, the native cryptocurrency of ShdwDrive, a high-performance decentralised data storage network


10th April 2024 – (New York) Coinbase, the leading cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, has made an official announcement stating that it will list Shadow Token (SHDW) on its platform starting tomorrow, pending satisfactory liquidity conditions.

In response to the news, Shadow Token experienced an immediate surge of 20%. Over the past month, the token has witnessed an impressive growth of nearly 80%.

Shadow Token has recently gained significant traction, as it has been listed on major centralised exchanges such as and This increased exposure has resulted in a consistent rise in the token’s daily trading volume, which has soared by over 200% today.

The inclusion of Shadow Token in Coinbase’s listing roadmap has been a major driving force behind its recent price surge. The growing activity within Solana’s network has also contributed to the increased interest in utility tokens like SHDW. Developers have shown greater engagement across various platforms, further boosting the token’s appeal.

Introduced in January 2022, Shadow Token offers a unique feature that allows on-chain events to validate and ensure the ongoing integrity and existence of stored data. This represents a significant advancement compared to previous attempts made by other web3 storage providers to integrate with Solana, which had limited success.

The ShdwDrive network, powered by Shadow Token, supports a wide range of use cases, including web hosting, archival and backup services, social media applications, datasets, and personal storage solutions. Its high-performance decentralised data storage capabilities make it an attractive option for users seeking reliable and secure storage solutions within the blockchain ecosystem.