CoCo Lee laid to rest at Shimen Peak Memorial Park in Wuhan, enchanting scene unveiled


    21st October 2023 – (Wuhan) In a solemn ceremony held today, renowned Cantopop diva CoCo Lee, was laid to rest at Shimen Peak Memorial Park in Wuhan. The latest photos from the scene have emerged, offering a glimpse into the preparations that preceded the burial and commemorative events. In the early hours of the day, a large number of personnel had already gathered, ensuring that all arrangements were meticulously made. The location and layout of the burial site have also been revealed, showcasing a captivating scene.

    The front of the burial site features a serene water pool, with occasional mist floating in the air, giving the impression of an otherworldly realm. Adjacent to the tombstone, vibrant purple floral decorations adorn the surroundings, accompanied by a staircase in a stunning array of colours. Notably, an enormous angel statue stands tall, symbolising Lee’s angelic presence and her everlasting love for humanity. The latest photos from the scene captured the arrival of Lee’s two elder sisters around 11am.

    CoCo Lee, a beloved figure in the music industry, touched the hearts of millions with her extraordinary talent and captivating performances. Throughout her career, she garnered numerous accolades and became one of the most influential voices in Cantopop. Her untimely passing saddened fans around the world, as they mourned the loss of a true icon.