Cockroaches found in Omakase dishes at Japanese restaurant in Macao


3rd February 2023 – (Macao) A netizen shared pictures of cockroaches found during an Omakase meal at Sushi IN located at 79 R. de Madrid, Macao on social media today.

The Omakase set price the netizen paid was around 680 MOP plus 10% per person and two of them had a meal there. The netizen found a cockroach in the wasabi octopus and was shocked to find suspected parts of a dead cockroach mixed with truffle bits on sushi. Another suspected cockroach was also found in the soup and the chef told him that it was undissolved Miso. The staff in the end refused to charge the netizen in the end after he complained but he still paid HK$1,500 in cash as the bill amounted to HK$1,496. He claimed that he would still pay as he did finish part of the meal.

Cockroach was found in the octopus.
Suspected cockroach found in Miso soup.