Cockroach-infested ‘House of Horror’ found in Fu Heng Estate in Tai Po


22nd November 2021 – (Hong Kong) An apartment unit at Heng Lung House, Fu Heng Estate in Tai Po was hoarded with rubbish and cockroaches infested the unit.

Every time the unit is cleaned, a large number of cockroaches would scatter around the corridor and climb into the neighbouring unit. Even the upper and lower floors are also affected. It was alleged that the unit involved was a unit sold under the Tenants Purchase Scheme, and the man living alone was suspected to be an alcoholic. The neighbour posted the horrifying video on social media yesterday.

Heng Lung House, Fu Heng House in Tai Po

Tai Po District Councillor Ho Wai-lam pointed out that although insecticide and soapy water are sprayed nearby every time the unit is cleaned, and the unit was treated with pesticides before, there are still too many cockroaches, and the situation in the unit is even worse. He has contacted the family members of the household involved. He is also considering arranging the residents of the unit to live in other places.