Clothes on laundry rack catch fire in So Uk Estate, suspected cigarette butt disposal by inconsiderate individual leads to incident


5th December 2023 – (Hong Kong) Cheung Sha Wan’s So Uk Estate was the scene of a fire today (5th) at around 4pm when a resident of Larkspur House reported that clothes hanging on a laundry rack had caught fire. The fire department swiftly responded to the call, deploying a hose and dispatching a team equipped with breathing apparatuses to extinguish the fire. They were able to quickly bring the flames under control. Unfortunately, a male resident of the building experienced discomfort after inhaling the thick smoke and was subsequently transported to the hospital for examination by an ambulance.

During the incident, approximately 30 residents self-evacuated to a safe location. Preliminary investigations have not ruled out the possibility that the fire was caused by the improper disposal of a cigarette butt.