Claudia Mo, pro-democracy Legislative Councillor accused by police for making false allegation in a TV interview overseas


6th January 2020 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong Police wrote a letter to Claudia Mo, pro-democracy  Legislative Councillor today to address her false allegation during an interview with an overseas TV station on 1st January 2020. She accused the Police of sending two undercover officers to vandalise shops during a public procession on the same day. The Police expressed deep disappointment over such a false accusation.

In fact, the Police made a prompt clarification through social media and newsroom on 1st January and strongly stated that police officers did not commit crime of any sort. During the press conference on the next day (2nd January), spokespersons reiterated that rioters were behind the atrocious acts of vandalism. The case is under investigation of District Crime Squad of Wan Chai District. The Police will investigate into this case fully and bring offenders to justice.

The Police have sent a letter to express strong disappointment over the groundless, misleading and irresponsible remark by Hon Claudia Mo.