Civilians assaulted by men clad in white in Sheung Shui while performing joss paper burning


15th August 2019 – (Hong Kong) At around 10pm yesterday, civilians started to burn joss papers in a ritual in conjunction with the Hungry Ghost Festival outside Sheung Shui Police Married Quarters on Po Wing Road in Sheung Shui. Moments later, 30 riot police surrounded them and checked their identities before letting them go. Several other civilians who saw the incident shouted ‘Black police’ and at least 100 people began to gather near the area.

At around 11pm, the civilians began to walk towards the Bus Terminus near Ching Ho Estate to continue with their ritual again, several men clad in white ambushed them and engaged in physical brawl. Many other bystander who witnessed the incident called police for help.

3 people were injured in the incident including Chan (46 years old), Kiu (38 years old) and Yip (30 years old). They all sustained eye, ear and nose injuries respectively before being sent to hospital. Police are looking for the 3 suspects.