Civil Human Rights Front confirms protester armed with air gun is not a disguised police officer with a real weapon


1st September 2019 – (Hong Kong) A protester who was hurling a petrol bomb at police officers in Admiralty was spotted with a Glock17-like gun in a holster this afternoon. The picture was shared widely on social media while some ‘experts’ claimed the protester was an undercover police carrying a real Glock17 gun.

Civil Humans Right Front posted a statement issued by another Telegram channel used to verify news at 12.22am today and confirmed on their official Telegram Channel that the Glock gun was indeed an air gun. They verified it with the protester and a member of the airgun association.

Official Telegram Channel of CHRF.

In the online war of perception, protesters are constantly scrambling for evidence to show to the world that their counterparts are not violent. Whenever petrol bombs are thrown by them, they will try to blame disguised police officers to prove their innocence.

On 30th August, CNN apologized to Hong Kong police for publishing a misleading headline that read “Police Use Petrol Bombs and Water Cannons Against Hong Kong Protesters” during the illegal assembly on Sunday in Tsuen Wan.The molotov cocktails were hurled by protesters. The video circulated on social media was in fact edited by netizens to paint a bad image of the police force. 

Civil Human Rights Front confirmed on their Telegram Channel that the person hurling the petrol bomb was indeed a protester armed with airgun.
Netizen shared post on social media to allege that the protester is an armed police officer in disguise.
Netizen made baseless accusation on police.

AFP/Getty Images who took the picture also confirmed that it was the protester who threw a molotov cocktail at police outside the government headquarters.

Source : AFP.