Civil Aid Service successfully concludes “Taurus” exercise testing emergency response capabilities in Hong Kong


19th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) The Civil Aid Service (CAS) recently concluded its biennial large-scale exercise, codenamed “Taurus,” which focused on testing the organisation’s response capabilities in the event of a super typhoon hitting Hong Kong. The exercise, held at the Fire and Ambulance Services Academy, aimed to evaluate the CAS’s command and deployment efficiency, communication systems, rescue skills, victim care, and logistical support.

Over 500 CAS officers and members from various operational, administrative, and support units participated in the exercise. The sessions included simulations of tropical cyclone and flood rescues, mountain rescues, search and rescue operations in collapsed structures, fallen tree clearance, and casualty transfers. These scenarios provided a comprehensive assessment of the CAS members’ abilities in different emergency situations.

While the exercise primarily focused on typhoon-related scenarios, it also incorporated other emergency simulations, such as resident evacuations, flood and collapsed structure rescues, and search and rescue operations in mountainous areas. By simulating these diverse scenarios, the exercise effectively evaluated the members’ rescue skills and their responsiveness during critical operations. The performance of the CAS members met the required standards, showcasing the outcome of their rigorous training.

Following the exercise, the CAS will thoroughly review and analyse the exercise reports. The organisation aims to refine its training programs and operational procedures based on the insights gained, further enhancing the operational efficiency and rescue capabilities of its members across all ranks. This commitment to continuous improvement ensures that the CAS remains well-prepared and effective in responding to future emergencies and serving the Hong Kong community.