Cinema operators urge HK govt to allow them to reopen soonest possible


8th January 2021 – (Hong Kong) The government announced earlier that social distancing measures will be extended to the 20th of this month. The Hong Kong Theatres Association issued a statement today (8th) saying that cinemas have been closed three times before and after, and the number of closed days will reach 135 days. Two cinemas have already closed down, including the 59-year-old Yuen Long Cinema. The Association urged the government to allow cinemas to reopen as soon as possible so that employees can maintain their livelihoods after they return to work.

The government stated earlier that there is little chance that the measures will be relaxed before the Lunar New Year. The Association does not rule out that more cinemas will be closed. Many employees are very worried about their future livelihood as they had no income for many months. The Association pointed out that during the epidemic, cinemas have been complying with the government’s epidemic prevention requirements. The industry is willing to reopen under conditions laid out by the government.