“Chubby Hearts Hong Kong” exhibition in Central faces unforeseen obstacle as strong winds exceed safety limits


17th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong’s highly anticipated “Chubby Hearts Hong Kong” exhibition, curated by the Hong Kong Design Centre, has encountered an unexpected setback on its fourth day since opening on Valentine’s Day (14th February). The event, held at Statue Square Gardens in Central, has been forced to temporarily suspend its centrepiece installation – a colossal 12-meter diameter heart – due to wind speeds surpassing the structure’s safety limits. In the interest of public safety, organisers have made the decision to give the giant heart a brief respite until weather conditions stabilise before reintroducing it to the public.

In a simultaneous announcement, the organisers have revealed an additional surprise for visitors. They have arranged for two smaller Chubby Hearts, each with a diameter of three meters, to be displayed alongside the main installation. These alternate hearts will be available for public viewing from 1pm to 9pm today, offering an opportunity for visitors to capture memorable moments and share them on social media.