Christine Fan and husband Blackie Chen quash divorce rumours with family outing


    10th July 2024 – (Taipei) Taiwanese celebrity couple Christine Fan and Blackie Chen Chien-chou have shared a family photograph on social media, showcasing their united front in order to dispel recent speculation about their relationship.

    The pair, who have been married since 2011 and have two children together, have faced their fair share of public scrutiny over the years. In 2020, Fan was embroiled in a political controversy related to face masks, while last year, Chen was caught up in a sexual harassment scandal.

    Against this backdrop, rumours of the couple’s divorce had been swirling online, sparking widespread discussion and speculation about the state of their relationship. However, Chen’s recent social media post, featuring the family enjoying a sports-themed holiday together, has effectively quashed these divorce rumours.

    Accompanied by the caption “Holidays are for the whole family to go out and exercise together,” the photograph showcases the couple and their two children, presenting a united and content front. Fan subsequently shared the same post, further reinforcing the message that their marriage remains intact.