Chris Wang appears in court for overstaying charges, supported by gaunt and sleepless 73-year-old actor boyfriend Lee Lung-kee

    Lee Lung-kei

    16th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) Chris Wang, the fiancée of 73-year-old singer Lee Lung-kee, who claimed to have come to the city through the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme made headlines earlier this year for allegedly overstaying her mainland Chinese visitor status, leading to her arrest and subsequent investigation by the Immigration Department. Today, on the 16th of April, she appeared in the Shatin Magistrates’ Courts to face charges related to her immigration status. Chris is accused of violating stay conditions on two occasions and presenting forged documents from two universities, resulting in a total of six charges against her.

    Lee Lung-kee himself arrived at the court around 9am, donning a purple branded shirt and carrying a document bag. He appeared relaxed when asked if he was worried, replying, “Yes, a little bit.” Regarding his sleep the previous night, he mentioned, “I slept for a couple of hours, not bad, okay!” When inquired about visiting his girlfriend and her mood, he responded, “Nothing special, thank you for your concern.” When asked about his confidence in the trial, he simply stated that he would leave it to his lawyer. Looking noticeably slimmer, he mentioned his fitness routine and proceeded into the courthouse.