Chris Tang, Chief Commissioner of Police attends Central and Western District Council meeting


16th January 2020 – (Hong Kong) Chris Tang, The Chief Commissioner of Police attended the Central and Western District Council meeting at Harbour Building in Sheung Wan at around 2pm today. While there were many police supporters who stood outside the meeting venue, there were also over 100 pro-democracy supporters who held anti-government placards and banners across the road.

There were two agendas in the meeting today that involved the police. First proposal is by Kam Nai-wai and Bonnie Ng from Democratic Party on ‘restraint of police brutality to bring back peace to Hong Kong’. A second agenda will be the motion tabled to strongly condemning police abuse of power.

At the beginning of the meeting, Miss Cheng Lai-king, chairwoman of the Central and Western District Council requested five plainclothes officers who were present to show their warrant cards.