Chris Evans accidentally shares picture of his penis on his Instagram story (Updated with picture)


    13th September 2020 – (Los Angeles) Chris Evans has been trending on Twitter for accidentally sharing a picture of a penis—and fans are trying to make sure it does not get circulated.

    The “Captain America” star shared a video on Instagram Stories of him playing the charades game “Heads Up” on 12th September. However, the video turned out to be a screen recording, and when it ended, it went to the camera roll where an X-rated photo was seen.

    Chris Evans shared his penis on his Instagram story for a short while.

    While doing it, he fail to edit the last clip which revealed a gallery of videos and pictures, including one featuring a photo of a penis.The actor quickly deleted the post but too late, netizens have grabbed a screen capture of it. The actor ended making jokes about the incident. The photo became a no. 1 trending topic on Twitter.

    Another photo visible in the camera roll was a meme of Evans with the statement “Guard that p*ssy”.

    It is unclear whose screen recording the video was and who owns the leaked photo of a penis.

    Fans on Twitter have been rallying behind Evans by posting photos of him with his dog to “cleanse” timelines when his name is searched on the social media platform.

    Some also posted reminders that Evans suffers from anxiety and encouraged others to respect his privacy.

    Evans’s “Avengers” costar Mark Ruffalo also gave him words of comfort in a tweet on Sunday.

    “Bro, while [President Donald] Trump is in office there is NOTHING you could possibly do to embarrass yourself. See… silver lining,” he said.

    Some of the comments posted by readers on Twitter:

    Part of this article appeared on the Philippine Daily Inquirer newspaper website.