CHP confirms 8 new COVID-19 cases including 2 local cases of unknown sources, one of them works at Wheelock House in Central

Wheelock House

7th April 2021 – (Hong Kong) Dr.Chuang Shuk-kwan from Centre for Health Protection (CHP) announced at the 4.30pm media conference today that there were 8 new local COVID-19 cases (as of 12am today). The total cases comprise 6 imported cases and 2 cases with unknown sources. The 6 imported cases include an arrival from Egypt, 2 from India, 2 from Pakistan (both are N501Y variant carriers) and 1 from the Philippines (N501Y variant carrier).

 As of now, 178 N501Y variant cases in total have been detected comprising 71 British variants, 20 South African variants and 5 Brazilian variants. 70 of the remaining cases are still unidentified and 12 of them couldn’t be identified due to low viral load.

Total cases in Hong Kong have reached 11,540 as of today. A total of 5 men and 3 women aged between 1 – 71 years old were infected.

2 new cases of unknown sources live in Tuen Mun. The first patient is a 71-year-old retired woman who lives at Yau Oi Estate. She tested positive on 5th April. She exercised regularly with family members and friends in the morning during incubation and visited several restaurants in H.A.N.D.S shopping mall and Golden Star Seafood Restaurant at Shop R1-R2, 3/F, Tuen Mun Parklane Square, 2 Tuen Hi Road, Tuen Mun with them. Customers who visited these restaurants during specified time need to undergo virus testing.

Golden Star Seafood Restaurant

The second case is a 41-year-old man who lives in Shan King Estate in Tuen Mun. His last day of work was on 1st April and he works at Wheelock House, 20 Pedder Street, Central.

More than 10 colleagues of the patient need to undergo virus testing. On 3rd April, he visited Toys ‘R’ Us in Harbour City at  Shop OT G21 – G24 & G39 – G42, 3-27 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui and SINO Centre at Mong Kok to buy games. He also visited Cafe De Coral and Fairwood in Central during lunchtime. He also visited a restaurant at 21, Stanley Street in Central.

Toys ‘R’ Us in Harbour City.

There are around 10 preliminary cases reported including 1 case of unknown sources. She is a 70-year-old woman with impaired visibility who also lives in Block 3, Oi Fai House, Yau Oi Estate in Tuen Mun. She has no symptoms. Her family members would visit her once a week. 2 friends of the patient and her family members need to undergo testing. On 6th April, she fell down and was admitted to hospital yesterday before being tested positive for COVID-19. 7 other patients in the same ward have been listed as close contacts.

Both of the 2 local confirmed cases and 1 preliminary confirmed case live in Tuen Mun. Dr.Chuang said that invisible transmission in Tuen Mun could not be ruled out but there was no real correlation among the three cases.

Meanwhile, Dr. Sara Ho from Hospital Authority (HA) announced that as of 9am today, existing 133 confirmed patients are being treated in 20 hospitals of the Hospital Authority and North Lantau Hospital Hong Kong Infection Control Centre. Among them, 9 patients are in critical condition, 3 are in serious condition and the remaining 121 patients are in stable condition.

8 patients were discharged in the last 24 hours. So far, a total of 11,163 patients with confirmed or probable infection have been discharged.

At present, public hospitals have put to use 1,197 negative pressure beds with a utilisation rate of 61% and 651 negative pressure wards have been put to use, with a utilisation rate of 71%.