CHP confirms 68 new COVID-19 cases including 46 new cases linked to to dance club cluster, 50 more preliminary cases recorded (Updated: 4.58pm)


22nd November 2020 – (Hong Kong) Dr.Chuang Shuk-kwan from Centre for Health Protection (CHP) announced at 4.30pm today that there were 68 new COVID-19 cases (as of 12am today) consisting of 7 imported cases, 49 cases which were linked with previous cases and 12 local cases with unknown sources. Total cases have reached 5,569. There were a total of 31 men and 37 women aged between 17-81 who were infected. 34 of the cases were detected in testing centres. 23 cases had symptoms and 45 patients were asymptotic. There were also 50 over preliminary cases today.

She also pointed out that the number of confirmed diagnoses has risen rapidly, especially in dance club cluster and many patients have no symptoms, each had different activities. It is “difficult to control the situation and infiltrate different areas,” and she urged the public to maintain social distance. As for working from home arrangements, she hopes that employers can make arrangements for employees to work at home as much as possible, and the government may also consider tightening social distancing measures further.

Dr.Chuang said that it is impossible to predict how many people in the dance club cluster will still be diagnosed. The authorities have taken many measures to control it, such as announcing that people who have been there will be mandatorily tested, hoping to reduce transmission. She also mentioned that the virus can survive longer especially in winter.

46 new cases were linked to the dance club cluster. Total cases in this cluster has reached 80. Many family members and friends were also infected.

7 imported cases include returnees from India, Mexico, Turkey, 3 cabin crew members from Russia and one returnee from Pakistan.

A cleaner was also infected in the dance club cluster. A family member of an infected patient in the dance club cluster is a teacher at Hong Kong Institute of Technology in Cheung Sha Wan. Face to face classes have been suspended and there were 20 students in the class taught by the teacher. They will all be tested.

Hong Kong Institute of Technology

12 local cases with unknown sources include one 70-year-old woman who lives in Wah Yuen Chuen, Kwai Chung. She felt unwell on 19th November. She performed Chinese opera singing together with another person at Leighton Hill Community Hall during the incubation period. They did not wear masks during the performance There were between 10-20 audience present during the singing session. All of the audience members wore masks during the performance.

Leighton Hill Community Hall

Case No.5579 lives with family members in Shun Tin Estate, Kwun Tong. She felt unwell on 20th November. On 16th November, she went to Kwan Ho Seafood Restaurant  in Mei Foo with friends. There were many people present in the restaurant on the day. Participants were dancing and eating CHP is currently observing the situation to see if there are more cases from the restaurant as the gathering was regarded as ‘high-risk’.

Ling Liang Church M.H. Lau Secondary School

Case No. 5620 is a 17-year-old Form 6 student who studies at Ling Liang Church M.H. Lau Secondary School. The student last went to school on 20th November. The school has to stop classes and students need to be tested. The student’s family member is also a student at SKH Yuen Chen Maun Chen Primary School and the classes were also suspended pending testing and disinfection.

SKH Yuen Chen Maun Chen Primary School
Kwan Ho Seafood Restaurant 

Hospital Authority (HA) announced that as of 9am today, existing 164 confirmed patients were being treated in 19 hospitals of the Hospital Authority. Among them, 8 are in critical condition, 2 are in serious condition, and 154 are in stable condition.

As at 9am today, 11 COVID-19 confirmed patients were discharged from hospital in the last 24 hours. So far, a total of 5,259 patients with confirmed or probable infection have been discharged.

At present, public hospitals have put to use 1,060 negative pressure beds with a utilisation rate of 60% and 577 negative pressure wards have been put to use with a utilisation rate of 67%.