Chloe Leung, former Miss Hong Kong 2021 contestant, enjoys luxurious hotel stay in Switzerland

    Chloe Leung

    11th July 2024 – (Hong Kong) Chloe Leung, a former Miss Hong Kong contestant known for her stunning beauty, was one of the top contenders during the pageant in 2021. However, she gained notoriety after the emergence of an old video containing vulgar language, earning her the nickname “Vulgar Miss Hong Kong.” Despite her elimination in the early rounds of the semi-finals, she eventually secured a contract with TVB and even had a role as a secretary in the popular drama series “Come Home Love: Lo and Behold.” Chloe possesses a slender figure and boasts a pair of captivating 44-inch legs. She frequently treats her followers on social media with generous doses of eye-catching content. During a recent trip to Thailand, she encountered an unpleasant incident when she was in a photograph with a chimpanzee and fell victim to inappropriate touching, causing her dismay.

    As an avid traveller, Chloe recently shared a short video on her social media platform documenting her trip to Switzerland. Against the backdrop of breathtaking scenery, Chloe showcased her beauty by posing in a revealing black bikini, with the lower part of her body immersed in water, while her upper body remained captivating. She also proudly exhibited her toned legs and expressed her delight at staying in a luxurious hotel in Switzerland with her family. Chloe stated, “This Swiss hotel is the most stunning place I’ve ever stayed in. It’s my second time here, and it was incredibly difficult to book and quite expensive. However, it was worth every penny. People often say I travel a lot because my philosophy in life is to live in the moment. Money is just a number. Experiencing life is the true wealth. If I suddenly pass away one day, I’ll have no regrets.”