Chinese Women’s volleyball team to play first match in HK next Tuesday, Secretary for Security shows support in advance


10th June 2023 – (Hong Kong) The China women’s volleyball team, who have always been popular with local fans, will be playing at the Hong Kong Coliseum in the World League after a 4-year absence. Chris Tang, the Secretary for Security of Hong Kong, posted on social media today, saying that he and a group of young people from the Security Bureau’s youth program went to cheer on the Chinese women’s volleyball team.

Tang said he was impressed by the spirit of the women’s volleyball team, who are nicknamed the “Great Wall of Women.” He even took a photo with the team captain, Yuan Xinyue, who is over two meters tall. He expressed his hope that the Chinese women’s volleyball team would continue their winning streak from the previous tournament and achieve victory on home soil in Hong Kong.

The Chinese women’s volleyball team arrived in Hong Kong on 6th June, following their four consecutive victories in Nagoya. The team has been undergoing closed-door adaptive training at the Hong Kong Coliseum, and will face Canada, Bulgaria, Poland, and Italy from 13th June onwards.

The return of the Chinese women’s volleyball team to Hong Kong has been eagerly anticipated by fans, who have always been passionate about the sport. The team has a long history of success, having won multiple Olympic gold medals and World Championships. Their previous visits to Hong Kong have always been well-received, with fans packing the stands to cheer them on.

Chris Tang took a photo with the women’s volleyball team captain, Yuan Xinyue, who is over two meters tall.