Chinese woman selling lemon tea in Jiangmen retorts after receiving complaints about her sexy outfit


22nd November 2022 – (Jiangmen) A female lemon tea stall owner of was recently reported for wearing sexy attire in Jiangmen, Guangdong Province, which aroused the attention of netizens.

She responded that her attire was meant to promote her products and at the same time, she wanted to prove that even if she was wearing a tight fitted sexy cheongsam, she still worked hard. Online videos showed that on the evening of 10th November, a woman was selling lemon tea with the banner behind her saying “Big boobs Lemon Tea.” She was wearing a blue cheongsam with a low cut and slits to her mid-thigh. Several men in uniform then approached her and said “There is a complaint against you.” The woman retorted by saying there is nothing scandalous or illegal. She continued, “There are dresses like this for sale online, I have the right to wear whatever I want.”

The woman named Li Lixuan said in an interview that she had worked in the automobile industry and travelled abroad. On 2nd October this year, she started selling lemon tea at a stall in her hometown of Jiangmen. She said that ,”I just use my own advantages. I look good in cheongsam, so I will dress in cheongsam and let everyone know about my products.” Her lawyer said that it is completely fine for her to wear this dress. In fact, the controversy is a perception issue.