Chinese woman loses RMB 1.2m life savings at China Construction Bank and owes RMB 130,000 in outstanding loan


27th November 2022 – (Pingdingshan, Henan Province) Earlier, a mainland woman said that she had deposited 1.2 million RMB (approximately HK$1.32 million) in China Construction Bank since 2005, and had saved RMB 1.2 million (about 1.32 million Hong Kong dollars) in succession for 15 years. Not only did she have no money left in her account, but she also owed a loan of RMB 130,000 (approximately HK$140,000). The woman had no choice but to complain to the media, and the exposure of the incident caused heated discussions on social media.

According to Mainland media reports, a woman surnamed Ji from the Mainland began depositing money at China Construction Bank Pingdingshan Kuanggong Road Br. in Henan Province from 2005 to 2006. She has been depositing her hard-earned money into this account. and accumulatively deposited about RMB 1.2 million.

The woman revealed that a young employee opened the account for her at first, but then the person suddenly disappeared, and another manager surnamed Dong took over in handling her account. In 2019, Ji’s son was going to get married and needed money. She then went to the bank to withdraw money, the staff then told Ji that not only did she have no money in her account, but she also owed a loan of RMB 130,000 to the bank. Ji then told her daughter the news, and the other party realised the seriousness of the problem and immediately called the police. The investigation found that the manager Dong had been stealing from her account. A few months before Ji withdrew the funds, Dong transferred a total of RMB 693,000 from Ji’s account seven times, and borrowed RMB 130,000 using Ji’s name. He used the money to gamble. At the same time, Dong persuaded Ji to buy investment products on several occasions.

Although it was Ji who bought it, it was Dong who actually owned the products. Although Dong’s criminal evidence is convincing, the victim has already lost most of her savings, so she only received RMB 50,000 in compensation from the other party, but the bank said that since the incident was caused by Dong himself, so it was only willing to pay for the transfer from Ji Fu’s account RMB 693,000. Ji used the compensation money from the bank to organise her son’s wedding, and the rest of the money can only be returned when Dong has money. An investigation team has been formed by the bank to handle the issue.