Chinese Vice President Han Zheng urges U.S. to meet halfway for stable China-U.S. relations

Han Zheng

26th September 2023 – (Beijing) Chinese Vice President Han Zheng held discussions with former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson in Beijing on Tuesday. Han emphasized the importance of the China-U.S. relationship and urged the United States to meet China halfway in order to restore a sound and stable track for bilateral ties.

Han highlighted that China-U.S. relations are the most crucial bilateral relations in the world. As the largest developing and developed countries respectively, China and the U.S. should strive to enhance mutually beneficial cooperation across all sectors. This cooperation, Han emphasized, would not only promote global economic recovery but also address the challenges faced by the international community.

China has consistently approached and managed its relationship with the United States in adherence to the principles of mutual respect, peaceful coexistence, and win-win cooperation, Han stated. By upholding these principles, China aims to foster a constructive and harmonious partnership between the two nations.

Han pointed out that China’s economy has demonstrated a strong recovery momentum this year. In light of this, China warmly welcomes increased investment from American enterprises, offering them opportunities to participate in the country’s development endeavours.

In response, Paulson expressed his confidence in China’s economic development prospects. He acknowledged the significance of U.S.-China relations to the world and called for strengthened communication, dialogue, and cooperation between the two nations. Paulson emphasized the importance of people-to-people exchanges, cultural interactions, economic and trade collaboration, as well as joint efforts to tackle global challenges such as climate change.

Furthermore, Paulson pledged to play a positive role in promoting the stable development of bilateral relations between China and the United States.