Chinese tourist narrowly escapes attempted rape and robbery in Pattaya, Thailand

Photo credit: Siamrath

21st February 2024 – (Bangkok) A Chinese woman narrowly escaped an ordeal involving an attempted rape and robbery in Pattaya. The incident occurred on the evening of 18th February near a roadside forest beside Siam Country Club.

The 29-year-old victim, identified as Meilin, and her brother had encountered two local men riding motorcycles while waiting for public transport along the Sattahip-Nakhon Ratchasima Road. Seemingly offering assistance, the men offered to give the siblings a ride. However, the situation quickly turned sinister when the man on whose motorbike Meilin was riding veered off the intended route to a secluded area.

The man forcibly dragged her from the motorcycle and attempted to rape her. Thankfully, Meilin managed to resist his advances, but the assailant resorted to tying her hands and legs. He then proceeded to rob her of 15,000 baht and 15,000 Chinese yuan. To eliminate any evidence, he callously set fire to the surrounding area before fleeing.

Following her escape, Meilin promptly contacted the authorities, and the Nong Prue station promptly dispatched officers to the scene. Upon their arrival, they discovered a burnt patch of trees, approximately 70 to 80 meters in radius, corroborating Meilin’s account. Initially sceptical due to the absence of visible signs of struggle on her person, the investigators questioned her credibility. However, Meilin explained that she had changed her clothes while waiting for her brother.

Subsequently, law enforcement officers discovered crucial evidence near the crime scene, including Meilin’s charred trousers, passport, and hotel room keycard. Additionally, she provided the police with a video clip showing the suspect wearing a helmet and a dark blue long-sleeved jacket. By reviewing nearby CCTV footage and questioning the motorcycle taxi driver who transported Meilin’s brother, investigators have successfully identified the suspect and are preparing to interrogate him.

The latest update reveals that authorities have apprehended a 41-year-old Thai man named Thip Phasiri, who is believed to be the assailant involved in the attempted rape and robbery. Astonishingly, the investigation uncovered a potential connection between Thip and another robbery reported in the same area. In the previous incident, a female caddy at a local golf course was targeted, with the perpetrator stealing her purse and causing her to fall from her motorcycle.