Chinese tech blogger warns against storing sensitive photos on mobile phones


    28th June 2023 – (Hong Kong) A popular Chinese blogger known for sharing technology and life knowledge, nicknamed “Xiao Jun,” recently posted online about four types of photos that should not be stored on mobile phones. These include photos of identification cards, bank cards, driver’s licenses, and account passwords. According to Xiao Jun, storing these sensitive photos on a mobile phone can lead to trouble if the phone is lost or the photos are leaked.

    Xiao Jun emphasised that identification cards are personal identities of important information, and many applications require copies of ID cards and other documents. However, many people are accustomed to taking pictures of their ID cards and storing them on their phones, which can be extremely dangerous if the phone is lost or the photos are leaked. “If someone else can see our ID card, then our personal information will naturally be leaked out. This is very dangerous, and if our ID card is used by someone with malicious intent, it will cause irreparable losses,” explained Xiao Jun.

    Bank cards are also important as they store people’s savings, and obtaining a bank card requires identification registration and a reserved phone number. Therefore, bank cards are equally important as identification cards and should not be photographed and stored on mobile phones. “If someone else can use bank card photos and a mobile phone to transfer funds from our bank account, this will result in the loss of our property,” warned Xiao Jun.

    Driver’s licences and vehicle registration certificates are also problematic because they contain personal information such as name, ID number, and home address. If this information falls into the wrong hands, it can be used to create fraudulent identities and obtain bank loans, among other things.

    Finally, Xiao Jun warned against storing account passwords on mobile phones. While many people find it difficult to remember all of their passwords, taking a photo of them or even a screenshot of the account page can be extremely dangerous if the phone is lost or stolen. “If our phone is lost or stolen, all of our account passwords will be easily accessible to the person who finds it, and this can result in the theft of our funds and personal information,” explained Xiao Jun.