Chinese social media influencer He Dantong robbed in Paris, expresses displeasure at police response and vows not to visit France again

    Chinese social media influencer He Dantong

    28th May 2023 – (Paris) Chinese social media influencer He Dantong, who has over 10 million followers on Douyin, recently uploaded a video showing the moment she was robbed by a group of people who smashed the window of her private car in Paris, France. The video shows her and her friends panicking as the incident unfolded. He Dantong said that it happened on the last day of her trip as they were on their way to the airport. The car was filled with luxury shopping bags, which she had bought shortly before the incident. She expressed confusion as to why they were targeted, saying that they did not reveal any shopping bags while in the car, and the windows were tinted with non-transparent black glass.

    He Dantong claimed that the robbers had been following them for some time, and they decided to go directly to the local police station to report the incident. However, the police refused to help, stating that no one was injured and they couldn’t assist in the matter. He Dantong expressed dissatisfaction with the police, saying, “Do we have to wait until someone is seriously injured before the police will take action? What is the point of having a police force if they don’t protect citizens?” Fortunately, He Dantong and her friends were able to return home safely. She reminded everyone to prioritise personal safety when traveling and that material possessions are not worth risking one’s life for.

    After the video was released, He Dantong received attention from the public. However, some netizens attacked her, claiming that her flashy appearance and luxury shopping habits made her a target for robbers. He Dantong responded to the criticism, saying that one should not blame a victim’s appearance or financial status for an unfair or dangerous situation. She also mentioned that she went to Paris for work and that she believes in expressing her feminine side through beautiful dresses and not living in fear.

    The incident raises concerns about safety for tourists in Paris, which has been known for pickpocketing and theft in public places. There have been reports of tourists being robbed while taking selfies at popular tourist spots or riding the metro. The French government has taken measures to address the issue, such as increasing police presence in tourist areas and launching campaigns to raise awareness of the risks.