Chinese Premier Li Qiang encourages Australian Parliament members to visit China and foster mutual understanding

Anthony Albanese (left) and Chinese premier Li Qiang (right).

17th June 2024 – (Canberra) Chinese Premier Li Qiang extended a warm invitation to members of the Australian Parliament, urging them to increase their visits to China in order to gain direct insight into the country’s development and transformations. Premier Li emphasised the importance of fostering correct mutual understanding between China and Australia, and believed that frequent visits from Australian parliamentarians would play a crucial role in achieving this goal.

The invitation was extended during Premier Li’s meetings with Sue Lines, President of the Australian Senate, and Milton Dick, Speaker of the Australian House of Representatives. The discussions centred around strengthening bilateral ties and promoting a positive dialogue between the two nations. Premier Li emphasized the significance of firsthand experiences in shaping accurate perceptions and encouraged Australian parliament members to actively participate in enhancing mutual understanding.

Chinese Premier Li Qiang emphasised the importance of collaborative efforts from both China and Australia in further advancing their bilateral ties. During his meeting with President of the Australian Senate Sue Lines and Speaker of the Australian House of Representatives Milton Dick, Premier Li acknowledged the ups and downs experienced in recent years but highlighted that the relationship has been on the right track. He expressed his desire for the Australian Federal Parliament to actively support practical cooperation between the two countries, providing a solid legal foundation and fostering a positive political environment for mutual development.