Chinese netizens shocked by 100sqf HK home at HK$12,000 monthly rent, focus on unusual exercise poses


18th September 2023 – (Hong Kong) The recent attention-grabbing topic on Chinese social media platforms, particularly Weibo, revolves around a mainland Chinese woman showcasing her rented apartment in Hong Kong with a monthly rent of HK$12,000.

The video was filmed by a mainland Chinese social media influencer. In the footage, the influencer appears to have encountered the mainland Chinese woman on the street and spontaneously proposed visiting her rented unit in Hong Kong.

The woman revealed to the internet celebrity that she had rented the unit over a month ago for HK$12,000 per month.

The influencer immediately suggested visiting the apartment, which surprised the woman at first, but she eventually agreed.

The woman led the way to the building where she resided, and the influencer remarked that the environment and security were satisfactory.

The woman held a resident card, explaining that only residents were allowed to use the building’s elevators, highlighting the security measures in place. The woman’s rented apartment, located in Quarry Bay, measures around ten square meters (approximately 100 square feet) and boasts a monthly rent of HK$12,000. Despite its small size, the apartment offers a picturesque view of lush green mountains.

In the video, the woman demonstrated various exercises she could perform in the limited space of her apartment.

Mainland Chinese netizens expressed surprise at the high rent for an apartment of around ten square meters, commenting, “I’m shocked! I know Hong Kong is expensive, but why not rent a larger place?”

Meanwhile, Hong Kong netizens were astonished at the possibility of securing a well-located apartment in Quarry Bay, with a good view, for just HK$12,000, exclaiming, “Is this real?” and “It’s so cheap here! The view is beautiful, and there’s even a balcony.”

The mainland Chinese woman, who possesses a slim figure, mentioned that she has been dedicated to exercising since 2017. In the video, she also demonstrated how she creates exercise space in the cramped environment. The video showcased some unique exercise poses, sparking discussions among netizens, who asked, “What kind of exercise is this?” and “What muscles does it target?” Some netizens speculated that the exercises were aimed at training the buttocks and abdomen.