Chinese man from Guizhou struck by lightning twice in 5 minutes


26th August 2023 – (Zunyi) A man named Liu Shifu from Zunyi, Guizhou, found himself at the mercy of lightning strikes not once, but twice within a mere five-minute span. Miraculously, timely medical intervention saved his life. Liu, during a media interview, humbly referred to himself as someone who typically enjoys helping others, never expecting to face such a “divine retribution.” Online users jokingly remarked, “The first strike took him down, the second jump-started his heart.”

Recalling the harrowing experience, Liu Shifu described the indescribable sensations he endured. While on an errand outdoors, the sky suddenly darkened with ominous clouds, and thunder and lightning clashed. Hurriedly seeking shelter from the impending rain, he was unexpectedly struck by a bolt of lightning at a street corner, instantly collapsing to the ground. Astonishingly, after regaining consciousness for a few seconds, he was subjected to another blinding flash of light, causing him to lose consciousness once more. Witnessing this terrifying scene, his wife and children were left in a state of shock and panic, only finding relief when Liu regained consciousness and they promptly sought medical assistance.

Having been struck by lightning twice within a five-minute period, Liu Shifu remarkably sustained only minor injuries. However, it is crucial to emphasize that lightning strikes have the potential to be fatal. Dr. Tan Jie, a burns specialist at the Guigang Workers Hospital, stated that surviving a lightning strike can be akin to escaping death by a hair’s breadth. Cases like Liu Shifu’s are relatively rare. Upon his admission to the hospital, he exhibited third-degree burns on multiple areas of his body, including his feet, waist, and buttocks, inflicted by the electrical current. Despite undergoing treatment at various hospitals for over 20 days, his wounds have struggled to heal properly. Dr. Tan explained that the necrotic tissue resulting from burns tends to be thicker, necessitating an initial debridement surgery for Liu and subsequent plans for reconstructive procedures.

Liu Shifu’s extraordinary ordeal has sparked extensive discussions among netizens, with many praising his character and believing that his survival is a testament to his virtuousness. Comments such as “He survived because the heavens tempered his body and protected him from evil; you’re destined for immortality, brother, after a hundred years” and “You’ve lived through this great calamity because of your willingness to help others” reflect the sentiments expressed in response to his story.