Chinese male video blogger makes multi-millions annually by trying on lipsticks live on social media


    (China) A Chinese Millennial male video blogger, Lee, is popularly known as the ‘Lipstick Kingpin’ by netizens. He broadcasts live on internet daily showing over 300 different types of lipsticks by trying on them.

    At his peak, he sold more than 14,000 lipsticks in 1 minute and 15,000 lipsticks after broadcasting live on his social media channel and Taobao. He now makes over HK$10 million annually as compared to a mere HK$3,000 monthly revenue when he first started 2-3 years ago.

    Lee makes over HK$10 million annually.

    Lee started his career as a make up artist for L’Oréal and his career took a sharp turn in 2017 when he gained significant online exposure in the ‘L’oreal e-Strat Challenge’ in China. Since then, he has been indulging full time in streaming make-up videos live on Taobao. His current support team boasts an impressive 50 staff. He thinks that man has more convincing skills when it comes to selling lipsticks as he likes to defy social norm and perception that only women look more beautiful with lipsticks.

    Lee and his team of support staff.
    He was invited by Jack Ma to produce a commercial jointly.