Chinese government is furious after Joshua Wong met up with Heiko Maas, German Foreign Minister in Berlin

Joshua Wong with Heiko Maas, German Foreign Minister.

10th September 2019 – (Berlin) Joshua Wong was arrested and detained by police for 24 hours after the Magistrate blundered his departure dates on his bail certificate. He managed to arrive in Berlin at 10pm local time yesterday. The entire journey from Hong Kong Airport police station to Berlin airport took him around 36 hours. Upon arrival, he rushed to  Reichstagsgebäude to attend an evening event organised by German tabloid, BILD. He also met up with the Foreign Minister, Heiko Maas, members of Parliament and many media representatives.

During his conversation with Heiko Maas, Joshua felt that Heiko was deeply concerned with the future of Hong Kong and he was supportive of Hong Kongers in their pursuit for freedom. He then urged Germany to tell Beijing government to implement universal suffrage in Hong Kong.

However, Beijing government was furious today after German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas met prominent Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong, saying that no foreign country had a right to interfere in China’s internal affairs. According to Reuters, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said China was “extremely dissatisfied and resolutely opposed” to Germany for allowing Wong to visit and meet the German foreign minister.

Meanwhile, in the next three days, Joshua will meet up with other local media outlets to urge the German government to do the followings:

a) Delay trade talks between Germany, China and Hong Kong until human rights issues are allowed to form part of the agenda;

b) Stop selling weapons to Hong Kong police;

c) To study and pass the German version of Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act;

d) To facilitate immediate visa, to arrange for flexible migration and to take care of asylum seekers from Hong Kong.

The following is the speech Joshua made during the event organised by BILD as follows:

Thank you Das BILD for inviting me to come in the first place. Sorry for being so late and thank you for all of your patience. I was arrested and detained by the police for 24 hours after I attempted to leave Hong Kong. I was arrested for “breaching bail conditions” due to mistakes made on the bail certificate. With a lot of hard work carried out by my legal team, I was released this morning and was able to board on a plane. Please allow me to thank all my colleagues here, who helped me re-arranged everything.

However, when compared to my fellow protestors, who are risking their lives, their bright future, who are facing police arrest, assault, and abuse on a daily basis, my experience can not even be considered as suffering. There’s one thing I need to make very clear to every one of you. I am NO leader to this movement, and I am proud to say I am just one of the participants and we do not NEED any leaders. We stand as ONE.

A lot of people came to me and said ‘congratulations, Joshua’, Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Carrie Lam finally declared a full withdrawal of the extradition bill last week. But I would not think it is a victory because Hong Kongers have paid a substantial price for this small step.

Despite 2 million, nearly one-fourth of the population marched on the street, the leader of HK claimed that we protestors have NO STAKE in the society and continuingly condemned violence used by protestors. Facing batons, pepper spray, tear gas and bean-bag shots and rubber bullets aiming at the heads of protestors, first-aiders and journalists are now part of our daily routine.

Now, more than 1,200 protesters have been arrested over the past three months, with brutal excessive force used by police. Several Hong Kongers took their own lives to show their conviction to the cause. Two young professionals lost some of their eyesight due to police brutality. Female protesters say that sexual violence has been used against them by police. These numbers are solid and cold, but those are the friends and families that we love and care about. After seeing your friends died, your families injured, and having come at such a huge and irreversible expense, Carrie Lam’s retreat on the issue is far from enough.

If we stop protesting now, no one will be able to hold Carrie Lam and her government responsible for their wrongdoings, human rights violations, and police brutality. This is no olive branch nor reconciliation, but a tighter grip. We believe this is mere tactics, aimed to buy time and paint an illusion of peace before 1st October. If we stop now and let her succeeds, international attention on the problem will dissipate, and further political purge will take place.

We are now standing between the free world and the dictatorship of China. ***If we are in the new Cold War, Hong Kong is the new Berlin***. Hong Kong is now the wrestling ground for two very different, opposing ideologies– Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights versus Dictatorship, regardless of fundamental rights.

“Stand with Hong Kong” is much more than just a mere slogan, we urge the free world to stand together with us in resisting the autocratic Chinese regime. We, Hong Kong-ers are not just fighting this uphill battle for our own. The world and we, are all in this together. Here, I would love to ask all of you, to stand with all my fellow Hong Kong-ers and Stand with Hong Kong. Thank you.