Chinese Foreign Ministry responds to stabbing of U.S. teachers in Jilin Park


11th June 2024 – (Beijing) The Chinese Foreign Ministry has characterised the stabbing incident involving four American university tutors in Jilin Park as an isolated event, assuring that it will not disrupt normal cultural exchanges between China and the United States.

In a preliminary response on the 11th, the Chinese Foreign Ministry addressed the incident, emphasising that it was an isolated occurrence and would not hinder the regular development of cultural exchanges between China and the U.S.

According to reports from American media, Jonathan Brand, the president of Cornell College, issued a statement on the 10th confirming the attack on four instructors during their visit to a park, accompanied by a Chinese university staff member. Brand described the incident as a “serious event.” The injured instructors, who were in Jilin province as part of a collaborative program with a local school, have been contacted by the school authorities, who are providing assistance.

The injured instructors, from Iowa Cornell College, were stabbed by an unidentified assailant while visiting the park during the day. Iowa Representative Adam Zabner confirmed that his brother, David Zabner, was among the injured and described the incident as a stabbing. The Chinese Foreign Ministry reported that none of the injured are in critical condition.

The injured instructors were immediately taken to the hospital for treatment, and spokesperson Lin Jian stated that the Chinese government will take necessary measures to ensure the safety of foreigners in the country. The Ministry did not provide details about the custody of the assailant, stating that further investigation is underway.

Although the incident received limited coverage in Chinese state media and was censored online, discussions among internet users indicate a curiosity for more information. China has recently aimed to strengthen people-to-people exchanges with the US, despite tense diplomatic relations. Chinese President Xi Jinping has outlined plans to invite 50,000 young Americans to China in the next five years, while also addressing concerns raised by a US travel advisory discouraging Americans from visiting China.