Chinese FM stresses two-state solution to Palestine-Israel issue

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi

29th November 2023 – (Beijing) China has called for the speedy assembly of an authoritative, inclusive, and outcome-focused peace conference to delineate a roadmap and timetable for the two-state solution to the ongoing Palestine-Israel conflict, according to Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi. Mr. Wang, also a member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, expressed this sentiment during a meeting with Antonio Guterres, the UN Secretary-General, at the United Nations headquarters in New York.

The Chinese diplomat underscored the global significance of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and drew attention to the role of the United Nations. “China has consistently aligned with peace, the human conscience, and international law on this issue,” said Mr. Wang.

China further emphasised its support for the United Nations, advocating for its leading role in resolving the conflict. Mr. Wang affirmed China’s backing of the Secretary-General’s unique and irreplaceable role in handling the issue.

As the presiding country of the Security Council for November, China has prioritised the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and maintains close communication with Arab countries and other relevant parties. Furthermore, Beijing recently hosted a joint delegation of foreign ministers from Arab and Islamic countries, reaching consensus on convening a top-tier Security Council meeting.

China hopes that the Security Council will present a unified voice on the matter, Mr. Wang said. “The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is not just a regional issue, but one that commands the attention of the world. The actions and role of the United Nations are under global scrutiny,” he noted.

Mr. Wang’s remarks underscore China’s commitment to a peaceful resolution of the long-standing conflict between Palestine and Israel. They also highlight China’s support for the United Nations’ leadership in facilitating this process, demonstrating China’s role as a key player in international diplomacy.