Chinese Financial Minister warns U.S. not to create bigger problems

Chinese Financial Minister

China Daily/Asia News Network

6th August 2022 – (Phnom Penh) State Councillor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi called on the United States to redress its wrongdoings on the Taiwan question and warned it not to act rashly to avoid creating bigger crisis on Friday.

Wang elaborated on China’s position when meeting with Chinese and foreign media after the close of a series of foreign ministers’ meetings on East Asia cooperation in Phnom Penh. He refuted US disinformation on China’s response to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan.

Wang said China’s military exercises and training activities are open, transparent, and professional as well as in line with domestic law, international law, and international practice, with an aim to warn the perpetrators and punish the “Taiwan independence” forces.

In the meantime, China’s actions are to uphold the international law and basic norms of international relations, particularly the principle of non-interference in internal affairs, he added.

Wang warned that if the principle of non-interference in internal affairs is ignored and abandoned, the world would relapse into the law of jungle and the US would treat and bully other countries, especially small-and medium sized ones, from the so-called position of strength.

Countries should unite together to not allow such things to happen and the retrogression of human civilization, he added.

Wang dismissed Washington’s accusations that China was attempting to change the status quo across the Taiwan Straits as a complete slander, saying it is the US and the Taiwan separatist forces that have broken the status quo.

Wang cited the China-US Joint Communique on the establishment of diplomatic relations released in 1978 as saying the US “recognizes the Government of the People’s Republic of China as the sole legal Government of China” and “acknowledges the Chinese position that there is but one China and Taiwan is part of China”.

“This is the status quo across the Taiwan Straits which has remained unchanged for decades,” Wang stressed.

The US has put unilaterally concocted “the Taiwan Relations Act” before the three China-US Communiques and covertly added the so-called “the Six Assurances” into its one-China policy statement, Wang said.

It is the US that is changing the status quo and hollowing out the one-China policy, he added.

Wang also lashed out at Taiwan Democratic Progressive Party for pushing for “incremental independence”, engaging in “de-sinicization” and creating ” two Chinas” or “one China, one Taiwan” on various occasions.

Wang said if Sun Yat-sen, a patriot and pioneer of China’s democratic revolution, was still alive,he would decry Tsai Ing-wen,DPP’s leader, as an “unworthy descendant.”

Noting the then-House speaker Newt Gingrich’s visit to Taiwan 25 years ago was a grave mistake meeting with strong opposition from Chinese government, Wang said a previous mistake cannot serve as a justification or an excuse for repeating mistakes.

As reports said the US was stepping up military deployment in the region, Wang hoped that parties would stay vigilant of US’ move.

It is US’ usual tactic to manufacture a problem and then use it to achieve its goals but such act does not work on China, Wang said.

In response to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s pledge made at the Asean-plus foreign ministers’ meeting that the US hopes to observe the international law and safeguard every country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, Wang urged Washington to deliver on its promises.

The US in the first place should fulfill its commitment to respecting China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity on the Taiwan question, he said. “It should stop meddling in China’s internal affairs as well as condoning and supporting the ‘Taiwan independence’ forces.”