Chinese fighter jets and ships allegedly cross the median line in Taiwan Strait again today


AFP/Taiwan News

5th August 2022 – (Taipei) Taipei’s military said Chinese fighter jets and ships crossed the median line that runs down the Taiwan Strait on Friday, calling Beijing’s latest military drills “highly provocative”. According to AFP, as of 11am today, multiple batches of Chinese warplanes and warships conducted exercises around the Taiwan Strait and crossed the median line of the strait,” the defence ministry said in a statement.

“This Chinese military exercise, whether it be the launch of ballistic missiles or the deliberate crossing of the median line of the strait, is a highly provocative act.”

The median line is an unofficial but once largely adhered-to border that runs down the middle of the Taiwan Strait, which separates Taiwan and China.

According to Taiwan News, Twenty-two Chinese military aircraft flew into Taiwan’s air defense identification zone (ADIZ) and crossed the median line on Thursday as Beijing began its live-fire drills in waters around Taiwan.

Twelve People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Sukhoi Su-30 fighter planes, eight Shenyang J-11 fighter jets, and two Shenyang J-16 jet fighters were monitored crossing the median line of the Taiwan Strait, according to the Ministry of National Defense (MND). In response, Taiwan sent aircraft, issued radio warnings, and deployed air defense missile systems to track the PLAAF jets.

So far this month, China has already sent 74 military aircraft into Taiwan’s identification zone, including 71 fighter jets and three spotter planes.

Thursday’s intrusions came on the same day as China began live-fire drills in waters close to Taiwan. The PLA fired 11 Dongfeng ballistic missiles from 1.56pm to 4pm on Thursday in waters close to the northern, southern, and eastern parts of the country, according to the MND.