Chinese Embassy strongly condemns U.K.’s charges against three men accused of assisting Hong Kong intelligence

Chinese Embassy in London

13th May 2024 – (London) On 13th May, British authorities charged three men under the National Security Act for allegedly assisting the intelligence services of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, an announcement that immediately drew sharp criticism from the Chinese Embassy in the U.K.

In a stern rebuke issued the same day, the Chinese Embassy condemned the British charges as baseless and an unjust attack on the governance of Hong Kong. The statement from the embassy argued that the accusations were part of a pattern of unfounded allegations against China, including claims of espionage and cyber-attacks. It labelled these actions as malicious defamation and a provocation that severely breaches the norms of international relations.

“The U.K. has no rights or qualifications to interfere in Hong Kong affairs,” the embassy’s statement declared, emphasising that Hong Kong has been an inseparable part of China since its return in 1997. The embassy accused the U.K. of sheltering criminals wanted by Chinese authorities, describing such actions as a desecration of the rule of law.

The embassy also urged the U.K. to correct its errors immediately, to cease spreading the so-called ‘China threat theory,’ and to stop all anti-China political manipulations. It warned that any attempts to smear China to distract from domestic issues would inevitably fail and that any actions harming Chinese interests would meet with a robust response.