Chinese e-commerce saleswoman coerced into sexual encounter for better performance, surprisingly even the female boss falls victim

Guo Yue couple.

8th December 2023 – (Shanghai) A 28-year-old Chinese influencer, known for her extravagant beauty products, has been accused of deceiving a saleswoman into a sexual encounter under the guise of a business opportunity. What’s more surprising is that even the saleswoman’s own boss fell victim to the influencer’s deceitful tactics.

The incident unfolded when the brand collaborated with the influencer’s team, facing intense competition and pressure to boost exposure and sales. In an attempt to persuade the influencer, the dedicated saleswoman willingly engaged in a physical relationship, hoping it would lead to increased product visibility and ultimately boost sales figures.

However, contrary to expectations, the influencer failed to fulfil her end of the bargain, leaving the saleswoman’s hopes shattered. News of this betrayal reached the ears of the saleswoman’s boss, who decided to take matters into her own hands and confront the influencer directly. But little did she know that their meeting would take an unexpected turn towards a more intimate nature.

Frustrated by the influencer’s lack of professionalism and failure to promote their products as agreed, the saleswoman’s boss joined forces with other victims to expose the truth and protect their rights.

At present, the identity of the influencer involved in this scandal has not been publicly disclosed. However, mainland Chinese netizens have begun speculating based on various search results and intricate details, pointing towards a popular influencer duo known as the “Guo Yue Couple,” boasting nearly 20 million followers. Interestingly, the content produced by the “Guo Yue Couple” has been noticeably absent from the internet for the past three days.