Chinese court passes default judgment on Red Notice fugitive, the former chief of the Luohe municipal committee


Xinhua News

17th January 2022 – (Zhengzhou) A court in central China’s Henan Province passed a default judgment on Red Notice fugitive Cheng Sanchang for the charge of embezzlement Monday.

It was the country’s first embezzlement case involving a fugitive defendant tried in absentia.

Cheng, former chief of the Luohe municipal committee of the Communist Party of China and chairman of a state-owned company, was sentenced to 12 years in prison and fined 500,000 yuan (about 78,618 U.S. dollars). The illicit gains involved in his case were mandated to be recovered, ordered the Zhengzhou Intermediate People’s Court.

In December 2000, Cheng took advantage of his position as chairman of a state-owned company to misappropriate over 3.08 million yuan in public funds, and fled overseas in February 2001, said the court.

Due to Cheng’s absence from the proceeding, Cheng’s close relatives entrusted lawyers to represent him.

During its hearing of Cheng’s case, the court fully guaranteed the defendant’s rights in judicial proceedings and passed the mentioned judgment under the law