Chinese court orders man who murdered his wife to pay HK$35.12m in compensation to her son

The deceased and her second husband who killed her.

7th December 2022 – (Hong Kong) The female proprietor of a trading company was strangled to death by her second husband in the Mainland 12 years ago. Her body was dismembered into 6 pieces and buried at the bottom of a manhole. More than 2 months later, the suspect Chan was arrested for intentional homicide. After trial, the people’s court sentenced him to death suspended for 2 years. In 2012, the deceased’s son filed a civil lawsuit against the deceased’s husband, who was serving a sentence in Zhanjiang, in the High Court of Hong Kong, seeking compensation for his mother’s death. The High Court ruled that the husband of the deceased should be responsible for the death of the deceased as early as 2014. As of today (7th), the deputy judge of the High Court issued a judgment on the amount of compensation, ruling that the husband of the deceased should pay HK$35.12 million in compensation.

The deceased had 2 children in total and had supported them during her lifetime. The son graduated from the University of Science and Technology and used to run an online whiskey business, but later closed the business and assisted his biological father in the decoration business. The daughter was studying at a university in the United States at the time of the crime, and stopped studying in the Mainland to find her mother after the incident. Later, a Mainlander assisted her in location her mother, and later she married the man. She then completed a university degree in Hong Kong. The verdict also pointed out that the deceased had approximately HK$41 million in assets. The judge believed that the deceased would have received another HK$23.1 million in property if she had not passed away, and the loss attributed to the children would be approximately HK$12 million. Therefore, the defendant was ultimately ordered to pay a total of HK$35.127 million in compensation. According to the filing, the defendant assaulted, harassed, intentionally injured and illegally imprisoned the deceased in a unit in Xiashan District, Zhanjiang City, China on 16th January, 2010, resulting in her death.