Chinese couple works in South Africa, wife gives birth to daughter whose skin darkens with age and admits to infidelity and HIV Infection


10th June 2023 – (Fuzhou) A man named Ding, originally from Fujian province, married a woman named Chen after being introduced to her by family members. The couple moved to South Africa for work and had a son in 2018. When Chen became pregnant again in 2022, they returned to China for the birth of their second child, a daughter.

As their daughter grew older, Ding and his family noticed that her skin was becoming darker and her hair was becoming curly. They also found out that Chen had contracted HIV, which she claimed was contracted from a blood transfusion during childbirth. Ding suspected that Chen had been unfaithful and decided to take legal action against her.

After a court investigation, it was found that Ding was not the biological father of the daughter. Chen had admitted to having an affair with a local man while they were living in South Africa, and that the man was the biological father of the child. She had contracted HIV from him during their relationship.

The court ruled that the couple should divorce, with Chen being responsible for raising their son and Ding being responsible for their daughter. Ding dropped the lawsuit for emotional damages against Chen due to her poor health and economic situation.