Chinese celebrities Yang Mi and Angelababy shine at Paris Fashion Week

    Yang Mi

    Popular actresses Yang Mi and Angelababy recently attended Paris Fashion Week, garnering significant attention from netizens who were eager to see their stylish outfits and how they would dazzle in the City of Lights. Out of the two, Angelababy managed to steal the spotlight with her stunning appearance in a red off-shoulder gown, exuding elegance and sensuality.

    Prior to departing from Shanghai for Paris Fashion Week, Angelababy exuded confidence as she went makeup-free, earning praise from many netizens who anticipated her captivating presence in Paris. And indeed, she did not disappoint. She made a striking entrance wearing a red gown that showcased her bare shoulders and legs, radiating beauty.

    At the fashion week venue, a crowd of netizens gathered, capturing Angelababy’s unedited moments with their cameras. Her true beauty was on full display as she greeted everyone with a friendly wave upon exiting her car. Her delicate features, large round eyes, slender figure, and graceful neck and shoulders made her an impeccable beauty from every angle. She also appeared down-to-earth, sporting a constant smile throughout and even taking the time to sign autographs for her fans, always accommodating their requests.

    Additionally, she had no difficulty engaging in conversations with foreigners at the event, displaying her impressive command of English. Angelababy has showcased her English skills on various variety shows, demonstrating accurate pronunciation. When interviewed by a foreign YouTuber, the majority praised her English abilities, noting that if they didn’t see her on the screen, they would never have guessed she was Asian.

    On the other hand, Yang Mi opted for a more conservative attire, wearing a fitted white cropped top paired with trousers and an outer khaki-colored coat, exuding a minimalistic and fashionable vibe. Although her outfit leaned towards understated elegance, her white top highlighted her enviable figure, with a waistline that appeared almost non-existent. Overall, she exuded a sense of minimalist fashion. It’s worth noting that Yang Mi’s appearance was for a store visit rather than an official appearance at Paris Fashion Week, which is why the focus on her was less prominent than Angelababy. Nevertheless, the presence of both actresses in Paris has already become a highlight, generating over 100 million views and countless discussions about their fashion week looks on Weibo.

    Yang Mi, born on September 12, 1986, is a Chinese actress and singer known for her roles in various television series and films. She gained recognition for her performances in works such as “Tang Ming Huang,” “Wang Zhaojun,” “Chinese Paladin 3,” “Palace 1,” “Beijing Love Story,” “Swords of Legends,” “The Interpreter,” “Eternal Love,” and “Legend of Fuyao,” as well as movies like “Mysterious Island,” “Tiny Times,” and “The Witness.” In 2017, she received the Best Actress award at the WorldFest Houston International Festival for her role in “Reset.”

    Yang Mi in Paris