Chinese CDC says current wave of COVID-19 epidemic in Mainland coming to end, second wave unlikely in next 2-3 months


30th January 2023 – (Beijing) A latest report in The Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention weekly publication pointed out that the current wave of the epidemic in the Mainland peaked in the second half of last month, and then continued to decline, and epidemic trend of each province was basically similar.

During the period, the epidemic did not rebound significantly, and the current wave of the epidemic in the Mainland is coming to an end.

According to China Briefing, a second wave of COVID-19 infections is “unlikely” in the next two-three months. According to Chinese government officials, there is little chance of a significant COVID-19 comeback in China over the next two to three months, since 80 percent of the population already caught the virus and built immune resistance to it. Wu Zunyou, the chief epidemiologist at the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention, stated that a second COVID-19 wave is unlikely to happen soon, despite the widespread movement of people during the ongoing Lunar New Year holiday period. The Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention announced on Saturday (28th) that from 20th to 26th January, medical institutions in 31 provinces, autonomous regions, and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps recorded a total of 6,364 hospitalised deaths related to COVID-19 infection.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced that starting, 6th February, 2023, Chinese travel agencies will be allowed to provide outbound group travel for to 20 countries – Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia, Maldives, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Laos, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Kenya, South Africa, Russia, Switzerland, Hungary, New Zealand, Fiji, Cuba, and Argentina.