Chinese Canadian actor and rapper Kris Wu allegedly involved in luring underage girls to have sex, multiple brands drop endorsement deals

    Kris Wu

    20th July 2021 – (Shanghai) Former member of South Korean boy group EXO and Canadian Chinese actor Kris Wu (30-year-old), was recently involved in q scandal. He was accused of targeting and enticing young women to have sex in various ways. There were around 8 victims involved including underage girls.

    On 17th July 2021, 19-year old Chinese college student Du Meizhu accused Wu of luring teenage girls into having sex with him. Du said she met him at age 17 and was given alcohol and she said she awoke in his bed the next day. She said she knew of at least eight victims, including herself. Two of them were allegedly minors. Du Meizhu even pointed out that Wu was given twenty-four hours to prepare for a press conference, announcing his withdrawal from the Chinese entertainment industry, apologising to the brands he had cooperated with, and to remove all his current endorsement posters located at multiple buildings and subway stations. At the same time, Wu was also required to write an apology letter to all the victims and post on his Weibo account for three days.

    Wu and his management team categorically denied the allegations, but Du later revealed on social media that Wu’s management had attempted to pay her money to silent her. She also demanded that Wu retire from entertainment, leave China, and issue handwritten apology letters to each victim.

     This led to multiple brands dropping endorsement deals with him. 14 brands including LV, Lancôme, Porsche Tencent Video, etc. have ceased collaboration deals with him.

    It is rumoured that he may lose around HK$415 million on contracts as a result of the scandal.