Chinese authorities announce major success in cracking down on telecom fraud, over 1.945m cases solved in 5 years

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30th May 2024 – (Beijing) In a press conference held on the 27th, the Ministry of Public Security reported significant achievements in their ongoing efforts to combat cross-border crimes related to telecom or online fraud in the Mianbei region. Over the past five years, Chinese law enforcement agencies have successfully cracked a staggering 1.945 million cases of telecom fraud nationwide, effectively curbing the rising trend of such criminal activities.

According to Xinhua News Agency, spokesperson for the Ministry of Public Security, Li Guozhong, highlighted the comprehensive measures taken by mainland authorities to enhance early warning and prevention, as well as technological countermeasures. Li Guozhong revealed that since 2021, the National Anti-Fraud Centre has issued a total of 660 million instructions, while law enforcement agencies have conducted face-to-face dissuasion with 18.44 million individuals. In collaboration with relevant departments, authorities have intercepted 6.99 billion fraudulent phone calls and 6.84 billion text messages, dismantled 18 million websites involved in fraudulent activities, and urgently intercepted illicit funds amounting to 1.1 trillion yuan.

Furthermore, in response to the notorious Mianbei criminal syndicate, often referred to as the “Four Great Families,” which has been at the forefront of telecom fraud in recent years, the authorities specifically named several key suspects who have been apprehended. Individuals such as Bai Suocheng, Bai Yingcang, Ming Zhenzhen, Wei Huairen, Liu Zhengxiang, and Liu Zhengmao have all been captured, dealing a devastating blow to the “Four Great Families.” Despite these fraudulent networks operating from overseas hideouts, the Ministry of Public Security continues to deploy targeted operations such as “Cloud Sword,” “Card Disconnection,” “Flow Interruption,” and “Nail Extraction” to crack down on international fraud syndicates, as well as domestic criminal networks involved in promoting illegal activities, money laundering, technological development, and organized smuggling. In total, approximately 82,000 criminal suspects have been apprehended, including 426 key figures who serve as the masterminds behind these fraud rings.

Additionally, in a demonstration of international law enforcement cooperation, the Ministry of Public Security announced that multiple task forces have been dispatched to Southeast Asian countries to dismantle 37 overseas fraud bases, sending a powerful message and significantly reducing the space available for fraudulent activities.