Chinese athletics star Xia Sining’s outfit at the national track and field championships sparks controversy

Xia Sining

17th April 2024 – (Beijing) Chinese track and field athlete Xia Sining, known for her exceptional beauty and outstanding performance, recently participated in the women’s 100-meter hurdles at the 2024 national track and field championships. She wore a pair of high-slit, ultra-narrow shorts, igniting a wave of controversy as many netizens expressed concerns about potential wardrobe malfunctions during her hurdle jumps.

A small portion of netizens commented, “It’s not about targeting anyone, but the first impression is truly indecent. Can’t female athletes wear the same style as men? It looks unappealing,” and “I don’t understand why female athletes always wear triangle shorts for sports.”

However, the majority of netizens came to Xia Sining’s defence, stating, “It’s normal to dress like that on the sports field,” “Is it suddenly the Qing Dynasty?” “Instead of focusing on the competition, some people have dirty minds and are looking at the wrong places!” and “It seems like she’s not the only one dressing this way. Netizens are inexplicably surprised again. Why take and share these photos? Isn’t it sick? People can dress however they want. You shouldn’t be more strict than the national team.”

Some netizens also pointed out, “The development of sports attire has two directions: material and structural design, both aimed at achieving better performance” and “Reducing resistance and improving performance.”

In response to the controversy, Xia Sining’s coaching team explained that the purpose of athletes wearing triangle shorts is to gain every possible advantage. By reducing friction and wind resistance, it is highly likely to improve their speed by 0.01 seconds, which plays a crucial role in athletes’ pursuit of gold medals.

Objectively speaking, since the referees did not intervene, it indicates that Xia Sining’s attire did not violate any competition regulations. Since it falls within the realm of normal dress, everyone should focus their attention on the competition itself instead of needlessly magnifying certain matters, misleading netizens, and causing unnecessary impact on athletes.