Chinese and U.S. business leaders and officials gather in Chicago, stress collaboration for stronger relations


22nd November 2023 – (Chicago) On Monday, over 700 Chinese and U.S. businessmen and officials convened in downtown Chicago, emphasizing the need for collaboration and cooperation between the two nations. Speaking at the 7th Annual Gala of the China General Chamber of Commerce-USA Chicago (CGCC), Chinese Ambassador to the United States Xie Feng underscored the importance of aligning their efforts and translating the shared understandings between the presidents of both countries into tangible policies and actions.

In his keynote speech themed “Moving Forward,” Xie called for a united front as they embark on a new journey from San Francisco onwards. He urged both sides to tackle challenges together and act upon the significant common understandings reached in San Francisco. Respecting one another, coexisting in peace, and pursuing cooperative victories are essential in transforming the vision outlined in San Francisco into a reality and fostering further improvement in China-U.S. relations.

Highlighting the International Monetary Fund’s recent upgrade of China’s GDP growth forecast for 2023 to 5.4 per cent, Xie emphasized the international community’s confidence in the Chinese economy. He pointed out that over 7,000 Chinese companies are currently operating in the United States, with the CGCC’s Chinese-funded members alone having invested over $137 billion and creating more than 230,000 jobs in the country. Additionally, more than 230 American businesses participated in this year’s China International Import Expo, occupying the largest exhibition area for the sixth consecutive year.

Xie stressed that China’s development is a global blessing, and the success of both China and the United States presents opportunities for one another. He cautioned against resorting to sanctions, emphasising that they only exacerbate problems rather than providing solutions. Instead, he advocated for adhering to the will of the people, respecting market rules, upholding free trade, and rejecting any attempts to politicize economic issues under the guise of security.

Expressing hope for a fair and non-discriminatory environment for Chinese companies in the United States, Xie called upon CGCC Chicago to continue building bridges, providing solutions for its members, and leveraging the strengths of both nations to expand the scope of win-win cooperation. By doing so, he believes they can inject more stability into China-U.S. relations and contribute positive energy to the world. At the gala, Xie presented the U.S.-China Friendship Envoy Award to former U.S. Ambassador to China Max Baucus for his significant contributions to the China-U.S. relationship.

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson congratulated CGCC-USA Chicago in a letter, acknowledging their successful efforts in fostering Chinese investments in the U.S. Midwest and strengthening the bond between China and Chicago. According to statistics from the Chicago City Government, China has become Chicago’s top trading partner, with bilateral trade reaching $102 billion in 2022, marking an impressive 162-percent growth over the past decade.

Ni Pin, Chairman of CGCC-Chicago, emphasized that the path to peaceful coexistence and mutual development lies in active engagement and open, honest dialogue rather than decoupling. CGCC-USA Chicago, a non-profit organization representing over 260 Chinese-funded enterprises and partners across nine U.S. Midwest states, remains committed to fostering stronger ties between China and the region.